Friday, April 28, 2017

At Trevor's apartment, Trevor and Luke

Joan Marsh!?!? Fiona's real name is Joan?

No. Fiona's real name is Joan Fiona Marsh, Luke.

I've been transferred. Lawrence Livermore. I've got to get out of here and get on a jet. I don't know what the fuck to say, Trey. It wasn't supposed to happen like this. First Contact. We're.. us the human race is supposed to to find them. Every time the story begins with them finding us, that's us, fucked. Trevor, later; it has been interesting, and the curse of interesting times is surely manifesting with alacrity. I've got to call the wife.

Good bye, Luke.

Rather, let us say later, Trey.

Thursday, April 27, 2017


I remember you.

18. Make lean. In between. I'm sorry there's no one here to take your call.

Dingy light shines around a moderately clean curtain. Fiona stands in her kitchen feeling for the motes of light that dance and sway and tell a different story from yesterday.

I cannot help you. I cannot help myself.

I've talked to Trey, isn't that what you wanted? I don't want you, you don't want me. So leave.

What do you mean, they're coming? Who's them?

Who's there?

Trevor's apartment, Trevor and Luke

Are you saying the United States of America has surrendered to... what, exactly, a structure? A former astronaut? You nut bag friend Fiona? Help me here, Trey, throw me line.

The talented individuals I mentioned earlier decided that it was in the natiions best interests to keep the civilians distracted. If I told you that there was something to all the UFO bullshit I'd expect you to rightly make a call. For the white coats and the butterfly nets. Something is happening, something is continuing to happen, and Fiona is a part of it. Do you remember what a Von Neumann machine is?

Yes. A precursor to nanotechnology. It was speculated that an advanced culture of explorers might simplify the exploring part by using self replicating machinery, if I'm reading the context correctly. Are telling me the structure on the moon is being made from Von Neumann machines? And it is communicating with us? With Fiona? Trevor, that is straight up insane. I'm going to have to hold you right there, Trey, while I go outside to have a smoke and make some calls.

Mike at Vandenberg?

There's something on the moon

What, Trevor; what is on the moon?

There's a structure. It wasn't there before.

Before when?

Before the last time anyone has looked. You remember Fiona, right?

Trevor I swear to the god I don't believe if this is another one of your Fiona stories!

I know. I work at jpl wasn't a thing to make a call, align a glass and have a look. I know how you feel about Fiona. I went to work first, three weeks ago.

Trevor, what are you saying?

When I had a hunch about a certain location on the moon, I asked casual favors. I love Fiona, but I'm not an idiot. This was different.

It's always different with Fiona, Trevor. Note my skeptical eyebrow.

One think that was definitely different was her drinking the electricity from the wall. That's never happened before.%5BIMG%5D

Are you on drugs? I probably should have asked that earlier... you don't look like you're on drugs, so prey tell continue.

Thanks, Luke, you're a hell of a guy. She leaned down next to the outlet on the wall and pressed her fingers into the damn slots like a toaster. I chuckled until her hair started to rise. She was communicating with someone.

Wait.... someone?

After the eggheads down the hall passed around the images from three weeks ago, all of a sudden darpa is sniffing around. I told my contacts to say it was their hunch. The useful part being a certain set of coordinates became increasingly important to an increasing amount of talented individuals. It's growing, Luke.

What is growing? The structure?

The structure, Luke.

Someone is building a structure on the moon? The Chinese?

No, Luke, not the Chinese. If anything, they're American. No, Luke, it is not some black bag op; when we went to the moon in the sixties, one of us didn't come back. Someone came back as one of us but it wasn't the same man that went.

Who, Trevor? Who didn't come back? Why hasn't there been anything on the news?

What are we gonna put on the news, Luke? Hello world, I don't want to interrupt your evening meal, but we're currently in a first contact situation with intelligent life where we can surrender or die, so we're going to surrender. now back to you, Liz. How well do you think that's going to go over?


tao of creation

Chapter 1

the tao that can be spoken is not the eternal tao

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

To prophesy is to speak for god. It is not to predict the future. That's witchcraft... or the evolved trait of simulating future in mind for the purpose of predictive modeling. I prefer the latter. There is a god known to exist, which in my cultural Christian context, I interpreted as Holy Spirit. You don't just meet god. You have a moment of intervention where you drink the god juice, green stuff out of a test tube, as I remember in order to increase cognitive capacity so that one can begin to communicate with god.

The first time I remembered remembering I quoted 3.5 seconds.

Chapter 42

Tao produces one
One produces two
Two produce three
Three produce myriad things


The hardest part about being a prophet is being alive. The only real prophets are dead prophets. Iam4. Well, actually hi I'm John and if I must speak to the world it would be to declare I love my Gwynnies!

The secret to prophesy is nested loops. I kid you not. The current prophecy must contain within its antecedents. As I sit here contemplating committing the million word book of Gwynnite to paper, as it were, I'm remembering a dream I had were the whole dang thing was four paragraphs. So there's a thing that happened. Actually did see the future.

If you're looking for a pure prophet you came to the wrong place. This story begins with a drunken homeless person realizing he loved crack cocaine more than math so thus quitting them both. Followed quickly by an aggravated assault beef with three years to think it over.

I absolutely did not.

For three years I had room and board and all day to draw my Gwynnies.

These Gwynnies remain.

May 15, 2000 is Beware the Hammer of the Eye of God Day 'round these parts. The single most important event in my life was drawing that girl. This is, after all, a love story.

A love story of hate.

I hate the story where faith interferes with progress. The purpose of god is to amend that. Your purpose is to find your Gwynnies. And fly.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lust not a sin. :D

This pic... the look... the legs... almost a hands-free operation over here. For the first seven years of this, my ridiculous infatuation, there was none of that. Now, however, that seems to add a physical aspect to my love of this girl. I cannot see it as wrong in any way, shape, or form...

...except for maybe in public. :D

Sunday, June 2, 2013

The value of Gwyneth

I've read essays - diatribes, if you prefer - from people claiming that celebrity worship is an unworthy endeavor. That humans such as Jonas Salk contributed more to human advancement that some mere performer, and as such are more worthy of our consideration.

In simple terms, I've never been vaccinated for polio, I do have Gwyneth tattooed on my arm. In even simpler terms, I remain unconvinced that Gwyneth Paltrow is not the most valuable human being ever evolved. If the why of her is not enough, then consider the why of me.

Of course, I am in love. :D