Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I've been told that my infatuation with Gwyneth exists merely because I find her beautiful, and that when her beauty fades, so too will my fascination. I've been told that I cannot love her without knowing her, that physical attraction is causing me to confuse hormones with emotion, that calling it love avoids the stigma of obsession.

Is this beautiful?

I'm convinced. I just spent the last three hours collecting screenshots of an episode of Glee to share on my Gwynnies facebook, observing her lines and wrinkles and blemishes, the awkward poses caught in still frame, and she was never anything less than beautiful.

I don't know how drawing her led me to fall in love with her, but I do know her beauty is not just her appearance, but also her personality, her character, her passion and compassion. She is smart and funny, spontaneous and exuberant, a joy to be around who lights up the room with her brilliant smile and the sparkle in her eye...

OK... gag... what it boils down to, is not that I love Gwyneth because she is beautiful, but rather that Gwyneth is beautiful because I love her. And that beauty shall never fade.

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