Thursday, May 9, 2013

I ain't talkin' to you no morez!

Stumbling through the tumblr yesterday, I came across this article... ...which made me smile. I can just see her going, I ain't talkin' to you no morez! Meanie! 

When I developed a simulation of her personality in my mind based upon movie roles and interviews, I didn't just keep to words I wanted to hear. I also considered the impression garnered from her by her detractors. I tried to fit all the variables together to discover what kind of person would receive such varied reviews, rather than just dismiss the nay-sayers out of hand.

Of course, there's gonna be some haters, but I have developed, mostly unconsciously, a personality simulation which I feel is Gwyneth - of course, I'm not going to ask her any time soon.

I think she is a self-centered elitist, but not intentionally or through malice - and that's about as close as I'm going to come saying anything negative about her. Mostly she's just sweet and adorable.

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