Thursday, April 27, 2017

There's something on the moon

What, Trevor; what is on the moon?

There's a structure. It wasn't there before.

Before when?

Before the last time anyone has looked. You remember Fiona, right?

Trevor I swear to the god I don't believe if this is another one of your Fiona stories!

I know. I work at jpl wasn't a thing to make a call, align a glass and have a look. I know how you feel about Fiona. I went to work first, three weeks ago.

Trevor, what are you saying?

When I had a hunch about a certain location on the moon, I asked casual favors. I love Fiona, but I'm not an idiot. This was different.

It's always different with Fiona, Trevor. Note my skeptical eyebrow.

One think that was definitely different was her drinking the electricity from the wall. That's never happened before.%5BIMG%5D

Are you on drugs? I probably should have asked that earlier... you don't look like you're on drugs, so prey tell continue.

Thanks, Luke, you're a hell of a guy. She leaned down next to the outlet on the wall and pressed her fingers into the damn slots like a toaster. I chuckled until her hair started to rise. She was communicating with someone.

Wait.... someone?

After the eggheads down the hall passed around the images from three weeks ago, all of a sudden darpa is sniffing around. I told my contacts to say it was their hunch. The useful part being a certain set of coordinates became increasingly important to an increasing amount of talented individuals. It's growing, Luke.

What is growing? The structure?

The structure, Luke.

Someone is building a structure on the moon? The Chinese?

No, Luke, not the Chinese. If anything, they're American. No, Luke, it is not some black bag op; when we went to the moon in the sixties, one of us didn't come back. Someone came back as one of us but it wasn't the same man that went.

Who, Trevor? Who didn't come back? Why hasn't there been anything on the news?

What are we gonna put on the news, Luke? Hello world, I don't want to interrupt your evening meal, but we're currently in a first contact situation with intelligent life where we can surrender or die, so we're going to surrender. now back to you, Liz. How well do you think that's going to go over?


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