Thursday, April 27, 2017

Trevor's apartment, Trevor and Luke

Are you saying the United States of America has surrendered to... what, exactly, a structure? A former astronaut? You nut bag friend Fiona? Help me here, Trey, throw me line.

The talented individuals I mentioned earlier decided that it was in the natiions best interests to keep the civilians distracted. If I told you that there was something to all the UFO bullshit I'd expect you to rightly make a call. For the white coats and the butterfly nets. Something is happening, something is continuing to happen, and Fiona is a part of it. Do you remember what a Von Neumann machine is?

Yes. A precursor to nanotechnology. It was speculated that an advanced culture of explorers might simplify the exploring part by using self replicating machinery, if I'm reading the context correctly. Are telling me the structure on the moon is being made from Von Neumann machines? And it is communicating with us? With Fiona? Trevor, that is straight up insane. I'm going to have to hold you right there, Trey, while I go outside to have a smoke and make some calls.

Mike at Vandenberg?

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